Fruit Pomanders

Fruit Pomanders
Fruit Pomanders

Free Craft Projects - Fruit Pomanders

Materials: Oranges, Lemons, or Limes; 1 inch wide ribbon; Cloves (Whole)

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  1. Fold a length of ribbon in half lengthwise. Place the fruit on the ribbon and bring the two ends of the ribbon up around the fruit.
  2. Where the ribbon meets at the top of the fruit, twist the two lengths of ribbon together, as if tying a ribbon to a package. Take the ribbon back around the fruit and tie in a bow.
  3. If you prefer, wrap the ribbon around the fruit just once. Tie a bow on top and trim the ends of the ribbon neatly.

Now decorate the fruit with cloves. Push them into the skin of the fruit, wither in a pattern or completely cover the surface.