Decoupage Platter

Decoupage Platter
Decoupage Platter

Free Craft Project - Decoupage Platter

Materials: Purchased platter; Gift wrap: Motif of choice; fruit, desserts, floral, etc.; Small, sharp scissors; Decoupage Mixture (Can be purchased in any craft store); Small foam brush; Paper towels.

Edible Crafts: Make Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces For Fun & Profit.

Note: You may not use platter to serve food. It is for decorative purposes only.

Assembling: Carefully cut out desired motifs from wrapping paper. Plan placement on platter. Spread motifs out on a protected surface. Apply thin, even coat of decoupage medium to right side of motifs, using foam brush. Brush medium out to edges of motifs. Allow to dry for 30 minutes. Turn motifs over and apply medium to wrong side. Position motifs on platter, right side up. Rub gently with a paper towel to adhere motifs to platter; press out air bubbles.

Finishing: Allow platter to dry for several hours, then apply another coat of Decoupage.