Candy Kiss Wedding Favor

Candy Kiss Wedding Favor
Candy Kiss Wedding Favor

Free Craft Projects - Candy Kiss Wedding Favor

This delightful Wedding Favor was kindly contributed by Designer: Kristie McDaniel Author of the: Do Yourself A Favor: Easy and Affordable Wedding Favors You Can Make Yourself. For more wedding favor ideas, click here to visit Kristie's gallery of designs.
Materials: 2 Paper Roses (two different colors); Plastic favor champagne glass; seed pearls; Hershey Kiss; tacky glue.

Edible Crafts: Make Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces For Fun & Profit.


1. Take your champagne glass, turn it over so the base is facing upwards, and cover the stem and top with very small dots of glue. Put a pearl on each dot of glue. Let dry completely.

2. Take the first rose (if these are the medium sized paper roses) and open it up by pulling the petals out. Open it as far as you can without pulling off the petals. Take the second rose and pull it apart completely.

3. Put tacky glue on the top (new top) of the glass. Then glue first flower on it. Let Dry. Make sure to press the petals down so they will stick. Pull out the leaves so they can be seen on the edge.

4. Take the petals of your other rose and glue them around the flower to fill in empty spaces on the base of the glass. Let Dry.

5. Place a small dollop of glue in the center of the flower and place your Hershey Kiss on top. Let dry.

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