Burlap Shopping Bag

Burlap Shopping Bag
Burlap Shopping Bag


Free Craft Projects - Burlap Shopping Bag


This useful craft project was kindly contributed by designer Kay Kristenson of Onlinefabricstore.net.

Copyright 2009 Kay Kristenson. All Rights Reserved

This personalized project is fun and easy and provides a great opportunity for promoting a healthy environment. Everyone wants to go �green� with their own shopping bag so this project is sure to be a hit. And, even though burlap is available in green, use any color that suits you and your venture will still be environmentally friendly. Burlap fabric is easy to work with and provides plenty of versatility for any undertaking. So, use what you have or shop for colors that match your theme, whatever your fancy, this is sure to be a fun time.

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Items You'll Need 24� x 45� piece of burlap cloth, any color Felt or gingham scraps Sewing pins Large eye needle Tape measure scissors unsharpened pencil white craft glue scrap pieces of cardboard buttons and beads, optional

Instructions: First, measure and cut burlap into three pieces. Cut one piece 18� x 45� for the bag. Cut two pieces 4� x 18� each for the handles.

To create the bag, carefully pull four long threads from the burlap weave on each side of the large piece of fabric and lay aside. Trim the fray. Then, fold the fabric in half with right sides together so both short edges meet. Pin together along the sides. Thread the needle with one of the long pieces of thread and sew along each of sides, twice, creating two seams, side by side. Fold the top opening over 1-inch and pin. Again using the burlap thread, sew the edge down. Remove pins and turn the bag inside out.

To create the handles, fold each of the 4�x18� pieces in half, pin the long side and one end and then use a needle and long threads of burlap to sew the edges, leaving one end open. When sewing is completed, reach through the opening and by pulling on the opposite end, turn the handles inside out. You can use an unsharpened pencil to carefully push the corners out. Close the open end by folding the edges in and sewing the opening shut.

Stitch the ends of each handle to the inside of the shopping bag, one on each side. When stitching, make two short seams across the handle, about � inch apart.

Using felt or gingham pieces, personalize the bag with your name or favorite team by cutting gingham or felt into letters or designs and gluing them to the outside of the bag. When gluing, place cardboard pieces inside the bag to keep glue from going across to the other side. Allow glue to dry 4 to 6 hours before using.

For a three-dimensional look, add some buttons or beads by sewing or gluing them to the letters or other areas of the bag.

About The Author: Kay Kristenson loves finding new and interesting crafts that she and her children can create together. To read about some of her other fabric-inspired craft projects, visit the craft fabric section of Onlinefabricstore.net.