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Preemie Onesie
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This lovely preemie crochet pattern was kindly contributed by designer: Marla Caneer of Marla's House. For questions regarding this pattern, please contact Marla

Marla is asking that you please visit NEWBORNS IN NEED Perhaps you could be of some assistance by donating crocheted or knitted items to help their cause.

Materials: If using a BABY weight yarn such as Caron Cuddlesoft or Jamie, use a G hook. If using BABY SPORT weight or SPORT yarn use an F Hook. To fit a 2-3lb preemie use Jamie or Cuddlesoft or similar weight 3 ply baby yarn (NOT baby sport weight) and and E or F hook. To fit a newborn, use a G or H hook and either baby sport, baby sport pompadour or sport. I even used an I hook (I crochet tightly) and regular sport yarn and got a nice NB-3MO size. This was using regular Red Heart Soft or Sport yarn. Just make sure your yarn is soft and your item is not "Cast Iron". If using for burial, always use very soft yarn, pastel colors and the hook you need or your size as these items need to be very soft and pretty as these babies are very delicate. You will also need 1/8" ribbon of color choice. The 3-4lb pattern takes about 1oz or less of yarn depending on type. Pastel colors preferred for burial. If this pattern is used for burial, turn so that the openings are in the back and use about 8" of ribbon for ties in the back. Place one tie at neck through second row down, second stitch over; one through the middle of diaper cover on top row then thread through the last two stitches on each side of bottom of shirt and one at each side of diaper cover. If used for burial, use about 12" of ribbon for a bow in front (solid side) in the center of garment three rows down from neck. Special Stitches Used: Shell= (dc, ch1, dc> in indicated stitch. Chain 40.


Row 1: DC in 3rd ch from hook (counts as first dc now and throughout) and in the next 4 st. Shell in next st, dc in next 7 st, shell in next st, dc in next 11 st, shell in next st, dc in next 7 st, shell in next st, dc in last 5 st.

Rows 2-5: Ch 2, turn. Dc to ch-1 sp, shell in ch-1 sp, Dc across to next ch-1 sp, shell in ch-1 sp, dc across to next ch-1 sp, shell in ch-1 sp, dc across to next ch-1 sp shell in ch-1 sp, dc in remaining sp.

Row 6: Ch 2, turn. Dc to first ch-1 sp, fold garment in thirds and connect first and second ch-1 spaces with a dc. Dc across to next ch-1 sp, fold Garment in thirds again, connect 3rd and 4th ch-1 spaces with a dc. Dc across to end.

Rows 7-10: Ch 2, turn. DC in each DC across. Turn at the end of Row 10 but DO NOT CH 2.

Row 11: Sl st in first 11 st, ch 2 DO NOT TURN. Dc in next 20 st leaving last 11 st unworked.

Rows 12-13: Ch 2, turn. Dc in next 20 St. Turn. DO NOT CH 2.

Rows 14-19: Slip St in first st, dc in each dc across to last dc. Leave last Dc unworked.

Rows 20-25: Ch 2, turn, dc in bottom of ch 2 and in each dc across to last dc. Work 2 dc in last st.

Rows 26-28: Ch 2, turn. Dc in each Dc across. Fasten off and tie in indicated spots with ribbon.

NOTE: For pattern to make matching booties, click here



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