Baby Sweater and Bonnet

Baby Sweater and Bonnet
Baby Sweater and Bonnet



Free Crochet Patterns - Baby Classic Sweater


Originally published by; Fleisher Yarn Co. Fleischer Fashions, Volume 75, in 1946.

Sizes: 6 Months and 1 Year Instructions are written for size 6 months, changes for size 1 year are in parentheses. Materials-Fleisher's Wonderized Babyfair, 2 balls; or Fleisher's Baby Zephyr, 3-fold, 2 balls; Bucilla six-Strand for embroidery; White Knitting Needles, 1 pair each Sizes 1 and 2. Gauge: 8 sts = 1 inch; 10 rows = 1 inch

Cast on 34 sts.

First row (wrong side): K 22

2nd row: Turn, k 10.

3rd row: Turn, k 10. Continue to work garter st (k every row) back and forth on these 10 sts for instep, until there are 14 ridges (29 rows), end on wrong side. Break yarn.

Foot: Join yarn, k the 12 sts on left hand needle.

Next row: K 12 sts, pick up and k 1 st in each of the 14 ridges on edge of instep, k 10 instep sts, pick up and k 14 sts on other edge of instep, k remaining 12 sts (62 sts). Work 1 � ins. (about 9 ridges).

First dec. row: K 2 tog, k 27, k 2 tog twice, k 27, k 2 tog (58 sts). K 1 row.

2nd dec. row: K 2 tog, k 25, k 2 tog twice, k 25, k 2 tog (54 sts). K 1 row.

3rd dec. row: K 2 tog, k 23, k 2 tog twice, k 23, k 2 tog (50 sts). Bind off.

Straps: Cast on 32 sts. K 2 rows.

3rd row: K 2, yo (buttonhole), k 2 tog, k to end. K 1 row. Bind off. Make 2nd strap, working buttonhole at end of row.

Steam. Sew back seam. Sew 12 center sts of cast-on edge of strap to 12 cast-on sts at center back. Sew on other strap to button on opposite side.

Bonnet: With number 0 hook, make a ch to measure 14 inches.

Row 1: Work as for first row of sweater until row measures 12 1/2 inches, ending with 2 dc. Cut off remaining ch, ch 1, turn. Continue in pattern for 4 1/2 inches, ending with row 2 of pattern. Fasten off. With pins, mark the center 4 1/4 inches of row. Join yarn to center sc of 3 sc group at first pin mark, ch 3, dc in same place, work in pattern across to second pin mark, ending with 2 dc, ch 1, turn. Work in pattern over center section for 4 1/2 inches. Fasten off. Sew side seams. Picking up back lp only of each st, sc across front edge, ch 4, turn.

Beading: Beading: *

Next Row: Dc in first dc, * sk 1 ch, 3 sc in next dc, sk 1 ch, 3 dc in next dc, repeat from * across, ending with 2 dc in last dc, ch 1, turn.

Work in pattern for 2 more rows, then work picot edging. Fold back on first sc row.

Lace 1/4-inch ribbon through beading. With right side facing, work a row of sc across bottom of bonnet, holding in to measure 10 inches, and working through both thicknesses of front folds, ch 1, turn. Make 2 more rows of sc. Fasten off. Sew lace around face edge of cap. Cut 2 pieces of 1/4-inch ribbon, each 18 inches long, and make 2 rosettes. Sew in place on front fold. Cut 5/8 -inch ribbon in half and sew in place for ties.