Batik Part 2

Batik Part 2
Batik Tutorial Continued...

Making the basic sketch. With a dark pencil or charcoal, begin to sketch your design on the cloth. It does not have to be elaborate-just a few guidelines.

You can draw the first subject that comes to mind, or try the simple tree sketch in figure 1 below, which will give you some idea of the freedom of batik yet provide a basic guideline at the same time. The tree motif illustrates another useful principle in batik-that it is often a good idea to work the surrounding spaces with wax rather than the object which is being depicted. So, in the case of the tree, it is the sky or the space around the tree that matters. This can be a whole new way of looking at things.


Figure 2 below shows a simple geometric design which can be made using round household objects, like cups, to make the curves between the straight charcoal lines. You can add other shapes and innovations to this basic design as the illustrations show (figs.3,4).

Remember that you must always decide in your design whether you want the present color of the cloth to be the background or the design itself, since this will determine where you apply the wax.

batikfig2.gif (63276 bytes)

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