Lovely Night Afghan

Lovely Night Afghan
Lovely Night Afghan - Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Patterns - Lovely Night Afghan

This clever crocheted afghan pattern was kindly contributed by designer Topal. Please Contact Topal with any questions regarding this pattern.

Copyright 2008 Topal. All rights reserved.


Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: 7 oz Red Heart; 8 skeins Dusty Rose (or a dark pink ) 8 skeins white, and 8 skeins black, US Hook size H/5.00mm or size needed to obtain desired gauge

Gauge: Whatever fits the size you want it.


Pattern Instructions:

Granny square Pattern:

Starting with Dusty Rose, chain 3. Connect using slp st.

Rnd 1:chain 3, 2 dc, chain 2, 3 dc, chain 2, continue so you have four clusters of 3. Finish off with slp st.

Rnd 2: Using white, slp st. into the space of the first rnd. Continue with ch 3, 2 dc, chain 2 and 3 dc in the same space.

Continue this until you have 92 granny squares starting with dusty rose as the rnd 1, and 92 granny squares starting with white.

Now with black, make 184 1 rnd. granny squares.



Pattern: (**=started with dusty rose and ^^=started with white and %= black (if used size 6/6-4.25 mm hook, should measure 13 rows by 13 rows)

**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%** ^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^ **%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%** ^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^ **%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%** ^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^ **%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%** ^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^ **%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%** ^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^ **%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%** ^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^ **%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**%^^%**

Sew each piece together as shown. Don't be afraid to mix up colors or expand the pattern. I would love to see your creations.