Bead Crochet

Bead Crochet
Bead Crochet

Learn Bead Crochet - How To Bead Crochet Lessons

Free step by step, illustrated bead crochet instructions.

Important: Always remember to string your beads onto your thread or yarn before beginning your pattern or project. Remember, the last bead you string will be the first bead you use.

Step 1: How to bead crochet on a chain.

#1 #2 #3

Place the bead up close to the chain stitch as shown in photo #1. Yarn over hook as in photo #2. Pull yarn through loop on hook as in photo #3.

Note: In chaining beads and in single or double bead crochet, you can place beads on every stitch or you may space them with regular stitches in between.

Step 2: How to bead on Single Crochet.

#4 #5

To add a bead on single crochet, insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop. Push bead up close as in photo #4. Yarn over hook and pull pull through both loops on hook. Completed bead single crochet in photo#5. The bead will sit on back of single crochet and when your pattern is finished the side with the beads will be the right side of your work.

Step 3: How to bead on Double Crochet.

#6 #7 #8

To add a bead on double crochet, yarn over hook and push a bead up onto top of hook as shown in photo #6. Insert the hook into stitch to be worked and pull the loop through. Yarn over hook and pull through two loops. Be sure the bead is caught in this yarn over as in photo #7. Yarn over again and pull through last two loops as in photo #8. The bead is to be placed in the middle of the double crochet as shown in photo #8.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial on bead crochet. You may use it for your own personal use but may not reproduce, display or sell it by any means.

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