Crochet Pattern Designer - Gem Owen

Crochet Pattern Designer - Gem Owen
Crochet Pattern Designer - Gem Owen

Gem is a regular contributor of her designer crochet patterns here at Craftown. Thank You Gem......

Hi, I'm Gem Owen:

I started out, as a small girl with a love of crafting. I learned embroidery and quilting by hand from my maternal Grandmother. Then an elderly lady taught me to do granny squares, and I was "hooked"! I taught myself everything else thereafter, mainly by trial and error as I had no books or patterns. I loved to take a skein of yarn and watch it turn into something wonderful before my eye. Today that is still a warm and satisfying miracle to me. My dad decided I need to sell my pretties, so I got a tax ID number and sold at some Catholic Holiday Craft Fairs. Actually, Mom and Dad took my things to them for me, as I was not able to attend, since getting home was not always an option if our work load was too hectic. Then I got a booth at the annual Applefest in my hometown. I started selling tons of crocheted items and had so many orders for things that I was barely able to keep up with it all. I always managed and loved it, but my true love was my charity work. The American Cancer Society is a fave of mine, and I have made hundreds upon hundreds of caps and hats for them, to give free to chemo patients. No two hats were the same. I made each one up as I went! I also made several contributions to an unwed mother's home here in Iowa, and of course my all time favorite thing is making for children in need of warm winter sets. I turned 50 this year, and hubby and I will be celebrating 25 years together, all of it spent working together. He was a truck driver and I waitress when we met, thanks to his Dad. His Dad got us together actually. Well I learned to drive a semi and we have driven together all these years, opting about 11 years ago to buy our own truck. Through millions of miles since, we have managed to be closer and happier than the average couple, from working so closely together daily, and being honest and respectful of each other.

We have a tiny Pomeranian of 6 years old now, named Picabo. She is a spitfire, weighing in at 4.75 pounds! LOL And her new sibling, a mini American Eskimo which we got last year, is now just over a year old, and weighs 15 pounds. Both love trucking or being here at home equally. I learned to knit by accident, several years ago. A neighbor learned I could crochet and asked me to help her with simple stitches so she could trim a few knit afghans. I took an afternoon, while home and walked the half block to her home, where we spent a wonderful time together. After I saw and admired her piles of knit afghans, drooling, I taught her the stitches she would need! She then insisted I learn some knit basics, which though loving the delicate ghans I honestly did not want to learn HOW to do it! LOL I knew I would never remember what she showed me. It seemed so foreign. I sorta put it all outta my mind, but 2 days later I found it calling to me. I ended up with needles and a beginning knit book. I couldn't recall much of what she taught me, but in no time, I was learning to knit. I kept at it and one day "got it" finally! It took about a year honestly and I found myself suddenly knowing more than I thought I'd ever learn, and facing a desire to create at least simple things.

My true love though is making doilies. I have had many requests to create baby items and various things. I do like to make hats and slippers, and things, but creating doilies is my #1 love. Last year Maggie's bought a pincushion angel I had created with scrap yarn for a friend. They keep saying it will be published soon in a book with kitchen items, but I am yet to see it. It is a long process. I sent pics of doilies to Crochet! Magazine and the editor wanted my Poinsettia & Bells doily. She has that now, and it will be up for review in January, so just may be published next year in their magazine.

These are my babies. Left Pecabo and right Shyann, American Eskimo