Calico Wreath

Calico Wreath
Calico Wreath

Country Craft Projects - Calico Puff Wreath

Materials List: 1- 6" Styrofoam form; 1 yard Cotton eyelet (Wright's); 1 yard 1/4" satin ribbon; 1 yard cotton lace; 1/2 yard ea. 7 different green cotton calicos; 1/4 bag Fiberfil.


Cut out 14 circles, two of each pattern. Put the circles of the same patterns with the right sides facing one another and sew around the edges, leaving a hole large enough for stuffing. Invert with the right sides out and stuff with fiberfil. Sew the hole closed. Sew the puffs onto the form and secure them with a little thread.

Note: The size of the circles you cut will determine the size of the wreath.

Sew cotton lace around the outer edges. Run the ribbon through the eyelet and place it around the center of the wreath, letting it fall into the cracks between the puffs. Stitch or glue it in place. Make small bows out of the remaining material and place small ones in the center of each puff.