Apple Dolls

Apple Dolls
Apple Dolls

Country Craft Projects - Apple Dolls

This delightful craft project was kindly contributed by Erin Ennis. Please contact Erin with any questions you may have regarding this project.

What you need: 1: an apple 2: knife 3: lemon juice 4: Styrofoam cup 5: raisins, dried cranberries or garlic cloves.

What to do:

First carefully skin the apple with the knife. leave the stem on and cut a small hole at the bottom for the pencil.

Cut out holes for the eyes, mouth and nose. Also cut out holes for the ears and jagged lines for wrinkle.

After this stick either the cranberries, raisins or bits of clove, and insert them in the eyes. Soak the whole apple in the lemon juice to prevent it from getting soggy and gross. Dry it off and then place it on the pencil, and then in the cup , as to make sure it dries without touching anything or else it will spoil.

Leave it in a window or sunny area of your house, to let it wrinkle. This will take a couple of weeks but it fun to watch wrinkle and turn into an old lady or witch.

After you are satisfied with your creation, add a small witch hat on top of its head, black cloth for a cloak around the cup, and maybe you could even make a twine broom for your ghoulish witch!!! Remember to have fun!!!