Country Daisies

Country Daisies
Country Daisies

Country Craft Projects - Country Daisies

Materials: Wire: 32 gauge, cloth covered, white and green; 18 gauge, stem; bead. Fabric, cotton: white, yellow and white gingham; green; Stamens, double ended, yellow with red tips; Flower pompon center; black and yellow; 1/2, 3/4 and 1" diameters; Floral tape, 3/4" wide, green; Thick white craft glue; Bottles: 5/8, 1, 1 1/4" diameters. Miscellaneous items: toothpicks or brush, scissors, needle-nose pliers, yellow food coloring or dye (optional).


1. Wrap white cloth-covered wire around a 5/8 -inch-diameter bottle for the small daisy, a 1-inch-diameter bottle for the medium-size daisy and starflower. and a 114 -inch-diameter bottle for the large daisy.

Twist the end of the wire three or four times and cut off, leaving a ¾-inch tail. Make a total of eight petals for the small daisy, 10 petals for the medium-size daisy, 12 petals for the large daisy, and five petals for the starflower. Repeat this step with the green cloth-covered wire for the leaves.

2. To shape the daisy petals and leaves. hold the petal or leaf by the tail wire and run your thumb and forefinger down the petal with slight pressure, starting at the back and moving to the tip. See the Step 2a illustration.

To shape the starflower petals, hold the petal by the tail wire and place your thumb and forefinger in the No. 1 and No. 2 positions shown in the Step 2b illustration. Press together and push back using slight pressure.

3. If you wish to dye some of the petal wires, dip them in diluted food coloring or dye until the desired shade is achieved.

4. With a toothpick or brush, place a line of glue on the petal or leaf wire and lay it glue side down on the bias of the material. Let dry.

Note: If you want a certain pattern in the material, you don't have to lay it on the bias.

5. Cut the fabric around the petals and leaves with sharp scissors.

6. Cut a 6-inch length of bead wire. Tie a knot close to one end. Slip the long end of the wire through the knot to form a loop. See the Step 6 illustration.

7. Shape a small hook at the end of a 12-inch length of stem wire with needle-nose pliers. For the daisies, place a flower center on the hook end of the stem and wrap head wire around it to hold in place. For the starflower. fold approximately five stamens in half and wire to the hook end of the stem.

8. For the daisies, place five petals evenly around the center and wrap with wire. Add the remaining petals. staggering the first row. Wrap with wire. Secure and cut the wire.

For the starflowers, place the five petals evenly around the center, lapping each petal over the previous one. Wrap with wire. Secure and cut the wire.

9. Wrap floral tape around the petal ends and down the stem, adding leaves as needed.

10. Shape the flowers by pulling the petals down and bending them slightly with your fingers.