Clothespin Angels

Clothespin Angels
Clothespin Angels



Country Craft Projects -Clothespin Angels


Materials: Straight wooden clothespins (not the one's with springs); fine tip felt markers; pipe cleaners; scraps of fabric and yarn; white crafting glue; needle and thread; ribbons and trimmings; felt for wings.


1. Draw face on clothespin with markers, be sure you center face over clothespin "legs". Note: If you ruin the face, you can try again on the back side or you can use sandpaper to remove face.

2. Make arms of pipe cleaner and glue at shoulders; glue hands together at front. You may cover arms with fabric if desired.

3. Wrap fabric around upper part of body to make dress top; sew or glue in place. Gather a skirt and sew or glue it on; cover raw edges with a belt of ribbon.

4. Enlarge wing patterns below; cut 2 wings for each angel from felt.

5. For hair, use lightweight, fuzzy yarn. Cut several strips about 4" long. Tie and glue center of yarn strands at top of head and allow yarn to fall down sides. If desired, you may tie strings around the ends of the yarn for pigtails. After glue is dried you may wrap yarn all around head and glue in place for an updo also.

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