Casserole Tote

Casserole Tote
Casserole Tote

Country Craft Projects - Casserole Tote

Materials: 1/2 yd. reversible prequilted fabric; 1 3/4 yds. (3/8" wide) pregathered lace; 1 yd (1/4" wide) ribbon; 3 yds. (1" wide) bias tape; 1yd. (2-3 mm) braided macramé cord; 2 (10 mm.) wooden beads; thread to match.


Patterns: click here

1. From the quilted fabric, cut one bottom, one top, and one 7" diameter circle according to patterns. Cut two (3 1/3" x 14 1/2") strips from same fabric.

2. To make each handle, fold one strip lengthwise with right sides together and sew a seam 1/4" from long raw edge. Turn strip right side out and press with seam down center.

3. Cut two 14 1/2" long pieces of lace; pin both pieces to handle so that pregathered edges overlap each other along center line. Sew in place with zigzag stitch.

4. Cut one 14 1/2" length of ribbon and pin along center of the handle so that ribbon hides stitching. Sew along each side of ribbon. Repeat for other handle.

5. Cut along fold line of top pattern piece (you should have 2 "C" shaped pieces). Sew bias tape to cover all straight edges, leaving ends unfinished. Sew more bias tape to cover inner edges, turning under ends for smooth finish. Set top pieces aside.

6. To make the padded bottom, sew bias tape around edge of 7" circle. Pin this circle to center of larger circle with wrong sides together; then stitch two pieces together along both inner and outer edge of bias tape.

7. Pin top and bottom pieces together with right sides out. You will be able to see right side of the 7" circle through opening in center. Pin two handles on top as indicated, puling handles tight and trimming ends where they extend over edge. Sew bias tape around circle to cover all raw edges.

8. Thread macramé cord through bias tape around center, leaving about 4" at each end. Trim ends of cord with wooden beads; then tie knot above and below beads to hold.