Tea Cozy Doll

Tea Cozy Doll
Tea Cozy Doll

Country Craft Projects - Tea Cozy Doll

Finished size: 17" high

Materials: 1/2" thick quilt batting; 1/4 pound of fiberfill; 3/4 yard muslin; 2/3 yard striped fabric; 1/2 yard print fabric that coordinates with striped fabric; 9" square of dotted Swiss fabric for hankie; 1/2 skein tapestry or sport weight yarn; embroidery floss; lace and ribbon trims; white glue.


1. For the cozy, cut one 20 x 32" rectangle from the muslin and one from the batting.

2. Fold the muslin in half lengthwise. Lightly mark quilting lines with pencil as follows: Draw one horizontal line two inches from the folded edge. Mark vertical lies, spaced at 2" intervals, at right angles to this line to the raw edge. Unfold muslin and place atop batting; baste together.

3. Refold the cozy with the batting sides together. Machine quilt along all lines. Roll the ends of the cozy together to form a 10" high tube. Blind-stitch short ends of tube together, then machine-quilt along the seam.

4. for casing, cut one 2 1/2" x 32" muslin strip; sew short ends together. With right sides together, sew strip to top of cozy. fold in half (turning under raw edge) and slip stitch to inside of the cozy. Run a gathering thread through the casing.

5. Enlarge the head pattern (below), and transfer it to brown paper. Cut two pattern pieces from muslin, adding 1/2" seam allowances. Place right sides together and stitch around, leaving an opening at top of head and at base of neck. Trim seams, clip curves, and turn right side out. Run gathering thread around top of head opening and pull closed; secure thread. Stuff head and neck firmly with fiberfill.

6. Transfer the facial features (below), onto the face. Embroider face, using one strand of floss for eyelashes and two strands for remaining features. Color cheeks with powdered rouge.

7. For bodice, cut one 7 1/2" x 14 1/2" rectangle from print fabric. With the right sides together, sew a 1/4" seam along the short edge. Turn under raw edges at top and bottom; stitch. Run gathering thread around top and bottom edges. Turn to right side.

8. Insert neck into top of bodice. Pull thread taut around neck; slip-stitch neck to bodice.

9. Stuff bodice firmly; pull gathering thread at bottom and secure thread. Gather cozy to fit around bottom of bodice; pin in plcae. Sew to bodice.

10. Enlarge the arm pattern (below); transfer it to brown paper. Cut four pattern pieces from the muslin, adding a 1/2" seam allowance. Stitch around, leaving open at top; trim seams. Turn right side out. Stuff arms to within 1 3/4" of top edge. (This makes arms easier to position.) Turn raw edges under; slip-stitch arms to bodice.

11. For hair, cut a 6 x 12" cardboard rectangle. Wrap the yarn lengthwise around cardboard until it is completely full. Do not cut yarn loops. Slip yarn off cardboard; center the bundle of yarn lengthwise across a vertical 2 x 5" muslin strip. Sew yarn to strip. Trim muslin 1/4" from stitching.

12. Glue strip down center of head. Grasp looped ends on either side and twist toward face into chignon; slip-stitch into place.

13. For bottom skirt, cut one 13 x 45" rectangle from striped fabric. Cut an 11 x 45" rectangle form print fabric for top skirt. With right sides together stitch short sides, leaving a three inch opening at top for placket. Turn up hem on top skirt; add trim.

14. Slip top skirt over bottom skirt, matching placket openings. Run a row of gathering threads around top edge and pull it to fit waistline 3 inches below neckline; secure gathers and remove from bodice.

15. For waistband, cut a 2" wide printed strip long enough to encircle the waist, plus 1 inch. With right sides together, stitch waistband to skirt. fold in half to inside, turn raw edges, and stitch in place.

16. for skirt bow, cut a 4 1/2 x 24" print rectangle. Fold in half with rights sides together; stitch, leaving an opening for turning. Trim; turn to right side and stitch opening closed. Tie into bow; tack to waistband.

17. For sleeves, cut two striped rectangles, each 11 x 15". With right sides together, stitch short sides. Turn under raw edges at top and bottom and stitch. Run gathering thread along top edge. Gather sleeve to fit around arm; secure thread. Slip sleeve over arm and stitch in place.

18. Run gathering thread through bottom edge. Pull thread to fit wrist and secure in place. Add trim to neckline.

19. Cut edges of hankie with pinking shears. Fold into square, gather, and stitch into position in left hand. Sew hands to body. Trim hair with bow.

Patterns: Each square = 1"