Gingham Pig

Gingham Pig
Gingham Pig

Country Craft Projects - Gingham Pig

Materials: Checked Gingham-3/8 yd.; Pink Sateen Scraps; Cotton Batting for stuffing; 2 Shoe Buttons; Heavy Duty Mercerized Sewing Thread; Pattern pieces below.

Directions for Cutting (When cutting, add 1/2" to patterns for seam allowance) 2 pieces-pattern No.10A for sides; 1 piece-pattern No. 10B for top; 1 piece-pattern No. 10C for underbody; 4 pieces-pattern No. 10D for ears, (two of gingham, two of sateen) ; 5 pieces-pattern No. 10E of sateen (four for bottoms of legs and one for end of nose).

Directions for Making

1. Stitch the ears and lining together, turn right side out and press.

2. Fold both sides of ear under so that bottom corners meet and baste against edges of side pieces where marked.

3. Baste top piece between sides (right sides together), easing as necessary, and stitch.

4. Stitch indicated dart in nose.

5. Baste underbody in place between sides, leaving a 3" opening for stuffing along one side and stitch.

6. Press seams open, turn right side out and place tail of heavy cotton cord with raveled end at back joining of sections.

7. With tiny stitches, overcast 1 pink circle around the end of the nose.

8. Stuff the pig very firmly, distributing the cotton batting or clipped rags with a knitting needle.

9. Slip stitch opening, then sew circles of sateen at bottom of each of the 4 legs, overcastting in tiny stitches.

10. To sew on shoe button eyes where marked on pattern, tie end of thread to 1 button and, using long needle, carry across to other eye point, fasten through eye, then back to first eye. Sew back and forth several times until a strong thread shank ties the two eyes firmly together. Fasten off.

Pattern #10 pieces

Each square = 1" Project (6" x 31")