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Free Craft Projects - Felt Softies Cookie


This delightful craft project was kindly contributed by designer Kay Kristenson of Onlinefabricstore.net.

Copyright 2009 Kay Kristenson. All Rights Reserved

Felt is a great base fabric for kids' projects that call for a warm and touchable feel. And there's nothing quite so warm and touchable as a felt softie! With a variety of colors and types of felt material, and oodles of ideas from just about everywhere, the possibilities with felt softies are limitless! Softies can be large enough to cuddle or small enough to use in a mobile. Softies can be made from a variety of craft patterns, or you can turn even the simplest object into a fun afternoon project.

Felt comes in three basic types, so depending on your project, there's a felt that will work just right. Acrylic craft felt is available by the yard or in easy to use 9x12 pieces.

Acrylic-wool blend felt is also available and is a step up from the basic craft felt, but offers some of the finer qualities of wool felt.

Wool felt is more expensive and harder to find, but it feels much softer than acrylic felt, so you might want to limit its use to special projects. Wool felt also comes in sheets of various sizes and is sometimes sold by the yard. There are also various weights of wool felt, so it offers more options for your projects.

This quick and easy project makes great use of of acrylic craft felt and is fun to create.

Big Cookie Softie

Items You'll Need 2 sheets 9x12 tan or light brown craft felt Scrap pieces of dark brown craft felt Scrap pieces of colored felt Scissors Unsharpened pencil Needle Brown thread Sewing machine Craft Glue Fiberfill

Cut 2 sheets of tan or light brown felt into 9 circles.

Place right sides together and sew the pieces together, leaving a 5/8 seam around the edges, and leaving a 3 inch opening. With a scissors, notch the seam every inch or so, being careful not to make a notch too close to the seam.

Reaching into the opening, turn the cookie inside out. Stuff with fiberfill being sure to fill completely. Us an unsharpened pencil to push the fiberfill into all areas. Once you think you have the softie filled, add just a little more. Now stitch the opening shut with a needle and thread.

Cut chunks or chips from the dark brown felt to create a chocolate chunk or chocolate chip cookie. Cut colored felt into rounds to create candy piece decorations or other decorations or letters you'd like on your cookie softie. Glue decorations to top of softie and allow to dry for 4 to 6 hours or overnight.

About The Author: Kay Kristenson's love of crafts has led her and her two children to discover numerous fascinating projects, using a variety of materials such as felt. Some of her other published articles can be found on Onlinefabricstore.net.