Acrylic Water Florals

Acrylic Water Florals
Acrylic Water Florals

Arts and Crafts Projects - Acrylic Water Florals

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This type of silk flower arrangement can be done as elaborately as desired. You can make a small display such as the one shown or you can make an entire bouquet.

Materials: Acrylic Water (available at Wal-Mart department stores and some craft supply stores); Silk floral stems of your choice; glass globe in size desired; Opalescent beads are optional and available in mesh bags at any craft supply store. They come in a multitude of colors.


1. Following closely the easy 3 step manufacturers instructions for the acrylic water, fill the inside bottom of the glass globe to the level you desire.

2. Place your floral stems in and arrange them in the manner that you would like the finished arrangement to set in. Note: If using opalescent beads, it is best to drop them in one at a time as the acrylic water is setting so they are not all bunched up in a pile.

3. Allow arrangement to dry completely before moving. You may paint the exterior of the glass if you have some painting skills or add trim to the lip of the glass globe for an added touch.

These make wonderful gifts.