Cascade Pearl Earrings

Cascade Pearl Earrings
Cascade Pearl Earrings

Arts and Crafts Projects - Pearl Earrings

Materials: For each pair of these ear drops, you will need two simulated pearls of 6-mm size, fourteen of 8-mm. size, and 238 of 2 1/2-mm. size. You will also need two bead caps, two 2-inch-long eye pins, a pair of ear clips, and 20 inches of fine nylon bead line. The line is similar to transparent monofilament fishing line but much finer.


1. Center one of the smallest pearls on the 20-inch bead line. Next run both ends through one of the largest 8-mm. pearls, then through sixteen of the smallest pearls. You will now have the sequence for one string of the ear drop shown in figure H below.

2. Repeat the sequence with each end of the bead line until you have the seven strings forming one drop cluster as shown below. Knot or fuse ends of bead line holding the pearls.

3. Now put one of the 6-mm. pearls and a bead cap on an eye pin, as in below, and loop cluster of pearls over eye pin as shown. Make sure that the outside or closed end of the bead cap faces the head of the pin. Make a loop in the eye pin to hold pearl strings in place. Close loop tightly, clip excess off eye pin, and attach split ring of ear clip to loop of eye pin.

Repeat these procedures for the second ear drop.