Bird House

Bird House
Bird House

Arts and Crafts Projects - Bird House

This delightful bird house project was kindly contributed by designer: Edith de la Flor of Creations by Edith. Please email Edith with questions regarding this project.

Ingredients for Cold Porcelain: 3 table spoons of Teroleim artesanal (white glue) 3 table spoons of corn starch 1/4 tea spoon of titanium

Mix all ingredients until paste doesn't stick to your fingers, if it does add a little bit of corn starch at a time.

For the Bird house: Roll the paste about 1/8" thick, roll it with the textured roller to give it a nice design. Cut the front and back of the bird house with the cutter of the same shape. Use the circle cutter to make the little hole for the front and the bottom of the front of the house. Cut one square piece for the bottom Cut one piece of the long rectangle piece for the top. Let the pieces dry for at least 4 hours then glue them together with the Teroleim.

For the Doves: Roll a little ball with the cold porcelain paste, with your fingers divide the ball in two, one part smaller then the other forming the body and head, pinching the end of the bigger side form the tail and pinching a little bit on the head form the beak. Cut two leave shape pieces for the wings, glue them to the sides of the body with a red magic marker paint the beak and with a black one make the eyes.

For the little flowers: Make a little string with the paste and roll it making the flower.