Fishy Half Apron

Fishy Half Apron
Fishy Half Apron

Free Craft Projects - Fishy Half Apron

Equipment: Paper for patterns. Ruler, pencil, scissors, sewing needle and tape measure.

Material: Sturdy white cotton fabric, 45" wide, 1 yard. Cotton fabric for appliqués: bright blue 8" x 12"; bright green 8" x 10"; aqua 8" x 10". Black baby rickrack, 3 yards. sewing thread to match fabrics, rickrack.


Enlarge patterns below by copying on paper ruled in 1" squares. From white fabric, cut skirt 22" long and width of fabric: waistband, 4" x 19"; two ties, 3 1/2" x 23 1/2". Make 1/4" hems on both 22" edges of skirt; make a 2 1/2" hem on one long edge for bottom.

Using patterns, cut (in colors shown seven large and six small fish, adding 1/4" all around for seam allowance. Clip curved edges; turn all seam allowances under and press flat. Arrange and pin fish appliqués on apron skirt at different levels as show, with first and last fish 1/2" from side edges, longest fish just above hem, shortest one 5 1/2" below top edge. Slip-stitch appliqués in place. Cut pieces of baby rickrack for fish lines; pin in place with one end touching top of fish, other end at top edge of skirt. Stitch fish lines in place with black thread.

Fold waistband in half lengthwise; turn edges in 1/4"; press. Gather top edge of skirt in to 18 1/2"; insert gathered edge of skirt into folded waistband; stitch across waistband. Make 1/4" hems on long edges and one end of ties. Make a deep pleat in unhemmed ends ; insert into ends of waistband and stitch across to secure ties.

1 square = 1"

Large and small fish pattern.