Beach Bag

Beach Bag
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Craft Projects - Beach Bag


What you need: 1 1/2 yds canvas; matching thread; 3 contrasting colors of canvas 9" by 1 1/4" each (cut on selvage); iron-on tape.

What to do:

1. From canvas, cut strip 5" wide by 1 1/2 yards long and piece 11" by 26" (cut on selvage.) From each contrasting color, cut 9 by 3 1/4" strip.

2. Using iron-on mending tape, cut designs and apply to patches. Sew patches to large piece, making first one 1 1/2" from top edge. Sew patches down at bottom and sides. Use zigzag stitch. Sew a line up center of each patch to make 2 small pockets.

3. Fold 11 x 26 inch piece with pockets to inside, allowing 1" extra length on back piece. Sew side seams. Turn; press.

4. Fold belt in half lengthwise, insert big pocket into belt fold; stitch down, turning under the raw edges.