Scented, Quilted Coasters

Scented, Quilted Coasters
Scented, Quilted Coasters

Craft Projects - Scented, Quilted Coasters

What You'll Need: Pre-quilted material; Thread; Potpourri; Cotton batting.

What to do:

1. Cut (2) 3-4" circles or squares from the pre quilted material. Try to center the design pattern in the center of the circle or square.

2. Pin section together with right sides facing.

3. Stitch pieces together leaving a hole large enough to place potpourri and or batting.

4. Turn stitched pieces right side out and press with a warm iron.

5. Fill with granulated potpourri from a paper sachet.

6. If desired place a layer of cotton batting in between cut pieces.

7. Also you can place potpourri on the batting trying to make sure it still remains as flat as possible to rest a glass upon.

You may want to make larger ones as trivets. When you place a hot container or cup of tea on the coaster or trivet the aroma will activate from the heat.