Roller Skate Pin

Roller Skate Pin
Roller Skate Pin


What You'll Need:

Felt Squares (various colors); Thread; Needle; Velvet Ribbon; Snap Fasteners; Tiny Pompons; Pin backing.

What to do:

1. Cut skate shapes from the felt squares (each skate should be 1 1/2- inch x 1 1/2-inch)

2. Stitch skates together at top corners.

3. Embroider thread to resemble skate lacing and leave a small amount on top to tie together.

4. Attach a velvet bow to the top of the pair.

5. Glue snap fasteners to the soles of the skates to resemble wheels.

6. Glue pompons on the front of each skate.

7. Glue the Pin back to the back side of the skates and voila!