Child's Pillow Case

Child's Pillow Case
Child's Pillow Case

Craft Projects - Child's Pillow Case

What You Need: Pillow Cases; Fabric Puff Paint; Fabric Paints; Fabric Scraps; Fabric glue; Stamps.

What to do:

1. Wash and dry pillowcases to pre-shrink material.

2. Cut animals, letters, numbers or fish shapes from the fabric scraps.

3. Glue the cutouts onto the front and backs of the pillow cases.

4. Outline these cutouts using the fabric puff paints.

5. You may omit steps 2 and three and just use paints and stamps to create a design onto the pillowcase fabric.

Use your imagination to coordinate the sheets with the child's room theme. (i.e. trains, transportation, jungle animals, seascapes, alphabet, Noah's ark etc...)