Scrap Wool Pillows

Scrap Wool Pillows
Scrap Wool Pillows

Craft Projects - Scrap Wool Pillow

What You Need: Wool fabric Scraps; 4-Ply Yarn; Yarn Tassels; Pillow Form; Crochet Needle; Thread & needle.

What to do:

1. Cut 18 5-inch squares from the wool fabric. You'll need 18 squares for each pillow.

2. With contrasting colored 4-ply yarn, single crochet around wool square edges.

3. Sew 9 squares together to form back and sew 9 for front..

4. Sew all 18 squares together on three sides.

5. Insert pillow form and close edge using a slip stitch.

6. Trim corners using yarn tassels.