Bonnie Barrette Holder

Bonnie Barrette Holder
Bonnie Barrette Holder

Craft Projects - Bonnie Barrette Holder

This unusual but practical barrette holder project was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Jane Lake of All Free Crafts. For many more easy to make projects, click here to visit Jane's project gallery.

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What you need: Fabric scraps for bonnet, enough to cut two 11" circles; white or cream fabric for doll head, enough to cut two 6" circles; paint markers or fabric paint for facial features; ribbon; craft yarn, 12 strands, each 3 yards long; fiber fill or other stuffing Note: (I used an old cotton bed sheet ripped in strips as stuffing); thread; scissors; sewing machine; glue gun and glue sticks.

Skills: Beginner sewing project.

What To Do: Cut two six inch circles from head fabric (I used Indian cotton from bulk rags sold at Costco. I traced around a saucer for the circle template). Sew, right sides together, with half inch seams, leaving an opening to turn and stuff. Clip seams, turn right side out, stuff, and close the opening with slip stitch. Cut two 11" circles for the bonnet (trace around a large plate or cookie tin) and sew, with half inch seams, leaving an opening to turn and stuff. Close opening with slip stitch and trim thread. Approximately 1-1/4" inches in from the edge, begin top stitching around the bonnet circle, setting sewing machine for large stitches (8 to the inch). Do not reverse stitch at the end to finish sewing line; instead leave the threads long and clip to release from sewing machine. Pull gently on the back stitch to gather the bonnet in tucks and folds. Test fit on the doll head and adjust as needed, then thread a needle with one of your sewing threads and fasten off the seam.

For the braids, you will need 12 strands of craft yarn, at least 3 yards long. Lay the 12 strands out, side by side, fasten with scotch tape on both sides, at the center point. Sew through the scotch tape on the sewing machine, using a zig-zag stitch, to fasten yarn strands together. Keeping the yarn strands fairly straight, tie off both ends with a piece of thread, at 3" to each side of the center point. This is where you begin braiding. Separate strands in 3 groups of 4 strands, and braid using each group of 4 as a single strand. Continue until you have the decided length and tie at the end of the braid. Leave a few inches of yarn loose on the end of each braid; trim evenly.

Now play with the doll, arranging hair and bonnet until you have a pleasing outline. Notice where the facial features should begin; this is usually halfway down the face. Design your own smiley, or use the photo as a guide. You should practice first on paper as fabric paint and paint markers aren't forgiving of mistakes. If you're nervous, faintly draw the face with pencil first. Use the glue gun to attach hair at center point. Adjust and glue the braids in several places from the side to the bottom of the face. Glue bow, flowers or other decoration to bonnet. Finish by adding a collection of new barrettes or hair ornaments for the recipient of your gift.

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