Baby's Time Capsule

Baby's Time Capsule
Baby's Time Capsule

Free Craft Projects - Baby's Time Capsule

This is a wonderful idea for a baby shower. Once the box is completed you can place many items of memorabilia inside for a keepsake. Note: Photo does not depict this particular project box.


1 wooden or heavy cardboard box (available at craft stores) with lid, a box shaped like a chest would be ideal.

White acrylic paint

letter stencils

blue or pink ribbon for embellishment

1 baby spoon

Suggested items for contents: Copy of baby's birth certificate, photo, hospital bracelet and cap, small lock of hair, newspaper clippings of events which occurred on date of birth, etc.


1. If box is wooden, sand down lightly, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

2. Paint entire box with white acrylic paint and allow to dry completely.

3. Stencil child's name on top of box.

4. Trim with ribbon and matching bow as desired.

5. Glue baby spoon to the front top of box for a handle to open.

6. Place keepsake items inside box.