Kitten Potholder

Kitten Potholder
Kitten Potholder


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Materials: Printed cotton-9" x 15"; Cotton Padding; 4" of narrow ribbon for a bow; Six strand embroidery floss; Bone ring; Mercerized sewing thread in matching colors; Kitten patterns below.

Cutting Directions:

Add 1/4" to pattern for seam allowance when cutting.

3-pieces, pattern 22A for body (two fabric, one of padding)

4-pieces, pattern 22B for ears

2-pieces, pattern 22C for tail.

Pattern # 22 (8"x 6")

Directions for Making:

1. Baste padding to one side of body piece.

2. Baste body pieces together, right sides together, and stitch around edge, leaving about 4" open.

3. turn right side out, turning in edges of opening, and slip stitch.

4. Quilt either by hand or machine, following pattern of material.

5. Stitch 2 ear pieces right sides together, turn right side out and attach to head as indicated on pattern.

6. Eyes may be indicated by small buttons, or embroidered in satin stitch.

7. Embroider whiskers as shown.

8. Stitch tail pieces right sides together, turn right side out and attach both ends to body where indicated on pattern.

9. Tie ribbon bow around neck.

10.Sew bone ring to neck under ribbon bow.