Potpourri Balls

Potpourri Balls
Potpourri Balls

Country Craft Projects - Potpourri Balls

What you need: For one potpourri ball, you will need: two 4-inch, three-dimensional, plastic canvas, half-round shapes (CR-1000 Needleform Rounds); 1& 2/3 yards of 3/8-inch muslin with print ribbon ; 20 inches of gathered, 1/2-inch ecru lace; 1/2 cup of floral potpourri (Aromatic); tacky white craft glue: two small pieces of floral wire; ruler; and scissors.


1. Glue the two half rounds together.

2. Cut the lace in half and glue two layers around the seam edge.

3. Apply tacky glue to one side of the ball and completely cover it with potpourri. Let dry and cover other side.

4. Cut 6 inches of ribbon and set aside.

5. Cut the remaining ribbon in half and tie two eight-looped bows, securing the center with floral wire.

6. Loop the 6 inches of ribbon and glue the ends to the back of one bow.

7. Glue the bows to the top of the ball, one on each side of the lace layers.