Quilted Needlework Bag

Quilted Needlework Bag
Quilted Needlework Bag

Craft Projects - Quilted Needlework Bag

What you need: Chintz or Percale---3/4 yd.; Cotton Batting-l8" x 23"; Wooden or Plastic Frame Handles; Bias Trim in matching or contrasting color.

What to do: Fabric-Cut 3/4 yd. in half lengthwise, making 2 pieces, 18" x 27".

1. Place 2 pieces together with batting between, leaving about 2" at each 18" end free of batting. Baste 3 thicknesses together around all edges.

2. Machine stitch diagonal lines (starting from corner to corner) 1 1/2" apart to cover piece. Turn and stitch the opposite way.

3. Bind all around with Bias Trim.

4. Slip 18" ends through slits in Frame Handles and overcast ends to Bag at edges of frames. Bag will gather slightly onto frame.

5. Whip bound side edges of Bag together to within about 3" of frame.