Evening Bag

Evening Bag
Evening Bag


Craft Projects - Evening Bag

What you need: Material; Black Faille ? 1/2 yd.; Red Faille ? 1/2 yd. (or any Combination of 2 colors); Crinoline ? 1/2 yd.; Cotton Batting for lining.

Directions for Cutting:

Cut from both black Faille and red

Faille: Back?1 piece, Pattern No. 1:

Front? 1 piece, Pattern No. 1 (at dotted line); 1 piece, 2" x 9 1/2" (cut on straight of goods)

Cut from black Faille: Bias Strips 1" wide, so that, when joined, strip will measure 64" long. Cut from red Faille: Bias Strips ?2 1/2" wide, joined to measure 22" long.

Cut from Crinoline and Batting: 1 piece of each, Pattern No. 1; 1 piece of each, Pattern No. I (at dotted line); 1 piece of each, 2" x 9½".

What to do:

(1/4" seams)

1. Trim 1/4" from top edges of Front pieces of Crinoline and Batting.

2. Stitch Front pieces of black and red together across top straight edge, right sides together.

3. Turn to right side on stitching line, press.

4. Baste Crinoline and Batting between these pieces, Crinoline against the black.

5. Baste together, 1/4" from edge, black, Crinoline, Batting and red Back pieces in order specified, right sides of fabric out.

6. Mark center of each side of Back on red side.

7. On red Bias Strip, make 1/4" hem at one end.

8. Place this end at center mark on red side of Back, with wrong side of Bias against red and raw edges together.

9. Apply Bias Strip around curve to center mark at opposite side.

10. Trim and hem strip at Center mark.

11. Apply other edge of Bias Strip to red side of Front in same manner.

12. Repeat step 5 above with 2" x 9 1/2" pieces.

13. Bind 9 12" edges with black Bias Strip.

14. Apply to Front, black side up (Fig. I). Baste ends.

15. Bind all raw edges with black Bias Strip.


One small square equals one 1" square