Heart Oven Mitts

Heart Oven Mitts
Heart Oven Mitts

Craft Projects - Heart Oven Mitts

Contributed by: Sandy Lowell

Materials: (for two mitts): 1/4 yd red fabric; 1/4 yd blue fabric; 1/2 yd calico fabric for lining; guilt batting; red and blue bias tape.


Draw a mitten shape for pattern onto brown paper adding 1/2 inch for seam allowances.

Cut two red, two blue, four calico, and four quilt batting mitten pieces.

Cut four thumb and finger guards and four hearts from calico fabric and appliqué them in place to the red and blue mitts.

Place batting between lining and appliquéd mitts and baste together.

With wrong sides facing, stitch the front and back pieces together, leaving the bottom edge open.

Fold bias tape in half and stitch it to the outside edges of each mitt.