Greeting Card Project

Greeting Card Project
Greeting Card Project

Crafts Projects - Card Making Project

This lovely greeting card craft project was kindly contributed by designer Bridie Payne of BGPayne Crafts . Please email Bridie with any questions regarding this project.

Fleur De Lays Cut Squares

Materials A6 white and black cards 2 C6 Envelopes 2 8.5cm squares of gold card 6.5cm square wrapping paper 4.5cm square gold card 1 3D foam pad 3 gold shapes 5cm square gold card 7.5cm square wrapping paper.

Tools: Craft Knife Cutting Matt Ruler Pencil Double Sided Tape or glue.

1. Cut an 8.5cm square of gold card and glue in the center of your card.

2. For the first style cut a piece of wrapping paper into a 6.5cm square and glue onto the center of the gold card.

3. Next cut a 4.5cm square of gold card and remove a 3.8cm square from the middle to leave a nice glittery frame.

4. Glue the frame in the center of your square.

5. Punch out a shape from matching card and stick in the center of the frame with a small piece of double-sided foam tape.

6. Cut an 8.5cm square of gold card and glue to the front, followed by 7.5cm square of wrapping paper.

7. Make a 5cm square frame as before and fix diagonally in the center. Punch out two shapes from gold card and fix them down in a row with small pieces of 3D foam as before.

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