Cotton Placemat

Cotton Placemat
Cotton Placemat


Materials: Rug Yarn, Natural 2 skeins, Red 1 skein; Steel Crochet Hook No. 0; Tapestry Needle.

Instruction: With Natural, ch 50.

row 1: Sc in 3rd ch from hook, * skip 1 ch, Sc in next ch, repeat from * across, ch 2, turn.

row 2: Sc under each ch-1 across with ch 1 between each sc. Ch 2 to turn. Repeat row 2 until 2 skeins of Natural are used. Fasten off. Attach Red at beg. of corner of one long end, * sl St in end of each row across to corner, 3 sc in corner, sc in each St of short end to corner, 3 sc in corner, repeat from * once. Join with sl st, fasten off.

Vertical Stripes: Starting 1-1/2 from end, using threaded tapestry needle of Red, weave up on one row under one half of each sc st, repeat stripes every row 2 more times.

Horizontal Stripes: Starting 1 1/2" from edge, weave up in ch-1 sts working thru 1 lp of St only. Work 2 more stripes the same.