Crocheted Wreath Ornament

Crocheted Wreath Ornament
Crocheted Wreath Ornament

Kindly contributed by: Gwen

I use Sugar'n Cream Christmas Sparkle yarn, or Bernat Handicrafter Sparkle Christmas yarn (4 ply).

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Start with a ring (I use a embroidery ring) 8 inches.

Crochet around the ring ( a little tricky but you will get it), covering the ring. Hook first and last stitch together with a slip stitch.

1st Rnd: Crochet singles in every stitch around.

Next Rnd: Chain 5, 1 sc, 4 trebles (triples) in same stitch with a sc between each. (5 chain replaces first treble). 2 sc.

Continue in pattern around ring.

When finished decorate with ornaments, bows, bells, whatever you like. You will have a large full wreath ornament.