Stained Glass Afghan

Stained Glass Afghan
Stained Glass Afghan


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This beautiful stained glass afghan crochet pattern was kindly contributed by designer Pat Linn. If you have questions regarding this pattern, please contact Pat at:

Materials: 4 ply yarn, 40 oz. of variegated or solid color yarn for the stained glass. (Here I used up my Bits and Pieces of Yarn); 24 oz. of yarn for the lead part of the pattern (Here I used white), black and gray are good colors also; size G or size 5 (hook you desire).

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For small afghan chain 200 stitches - Baby cast on about 120 stitches do 30 to 34 rows

Each row starts with a 5 in. tail & ends with a 5 in. tail (should weave tail in for Baby).

1.) Chain 260 stitches of lead color (leave tail) This is the length for the afghan

2.) All rows are done on the right side only and all rows are started from same end.

3.) All stained glass stitches are done into the back of a stitch

4.) Do three rows of single croquet (SC) in lead color

5.) Stained Glass row: attach yarn, leave tail, chain 3, 3 DC, skip 1 SC, chain 1, 4 DC, *** skip 1 SC and continue 4 DC, chain1 from *** to end of row

6.) Lead Row: Leave tail - SC the row however at the (chain 1 space) make a long DC into the front of the SC of previous SC row (fits between the 4 DC)

7.) Continue the rows for desired width (about 40 of the Stained Glass Row)

Curl up in it & enjoy it on those chilly days