One Piece Adult Slippers

One Piece Adult Slippers
One Piece Adult Slippers

Step 1: Materials

Lady B Series* One Piece Slippers

Your feet will thank you for crocheting these simple and fun one piece adult slippers.  They crochet up quick and easy in so many different colors or combinations of colors.  Make a pair for yourself or for a friend for any occasion or season!  You can never have too many pairs of comfy cozy slippers.


Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Caron Simply Soft-approx 3 1/2 oz; Size G hook

Size approximately 7 1/2 to 9 1/2

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NOTE: This pattern is written specifically for size 8-8 1/2. The changes are notes to accommodate for the other sizes! It will change the row count, so you will need to keep track.

Abbreviations used:



Sl st-slip stitch


Hdc-half double crochet


YO-yarn over



Step 2: Getting Started



Begin making toe section:

1-- Right Side(RS) Ch 6, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hk, sc next 3 chs, 3 sc in end. Working up opposite side of the chain, sc in next 3 chs, sl st to 1st sc made. (12 sc)

2--Ch 1, 2 hdc in each sc around, sl st to 1st st made for row. (24 hdc)

3--ch 1, 2 hdc in same as join, (1 hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st) to last 5 sts, 1 hdc in ea of the last 4 sts. Sl st to first st of row.(34 hdc)

Begin now making section from toe to the arch- forming a cup:

4-15--ch 1, hdc in ea of the 34 hdc around.(for size 7 1/2 , cro one less rows and for a size 9, add one more st to first st of row.

16--ch 1, hdc in join and next 21 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, 1 hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st, and 1 hdc in final 9 sts sl st to first st of row.(36)

17--ch 1, hdc in join and in next 22, 2 hdc next st,1 hdc in next 2 sts, 2 hdc in next st, and 1 hdc in final 9 sts (sl st to first st of row.38)

18 & 19--ch 1, hdc in join & ea st around, join with sl st sl st to first st of row. (38 st)

Begin making foot opening section:

NOW, Begin turning the bootie at the end of each row:

20--ch 1 and turn. sl st in back loop only, over the last 8 stitches just made, so these stitches will be hidden, (8 sl sts), ch 1 and TURN so you are working back on the RIGHT side again.

Working on RS again, ch 1,hdc in both lps of 1st slipped stitch. Hdc in next 29 st, Leave remaining 8 st unworked, as this is the TOP area over the arch of your foot! ch 1, turn (30 st)

21-22--Dcrs end by YO insert into 1st st, YO, YO, insert into 2nd st, and draw through all 5 lps on hook. Hdc in all st to last 2, work dcrs over last 2 sts! (28, 26 st--forming the top side edges of the slippers.

23-25--ch 1. turn, hdc in join and remaining 25 sts (26) (size 7 ? cro one less row around. Size 9, add one more round)


Step 3: Finishing Up

Begin heel decreasing:

26--Hdc in 1st st and next 8 sts. (dcrs Over next 2 sts) 5 times, Hdc in last 8 sts, ch 1, turn (21 sts)

27--Hdc in first 5 sts, (dcrs over next 2 sts) 2x, dcrs over next 3 sts by YO, insert into ea of the next 3 sts, draw thru all 7 lps, (dcrs over next 2 sts) 2x, hdc last 5 sts.(15)

28--Hdc first 1st 4 sts, dcrs over next 2 sts, dcrs over next 3 sts, dcrs over next 2 sts, , hdc in last 4 sts (11)

29--Ch 1, turn, sc in ea of the 11 sts. (11 sc)

Begin working rounds along TOP of slipper:

30--FOLD the RIGHT sides together and slip stitch through BOTH sides, to close heel. Ch 1 and sl st back up to the top of the shoe.

31--With RIGHT side facing you, Sc evenly through ends and across the front of slipper with 35 sc sts! Should be 14 sc down the side, dcrs/split the 15th st by inserting hk into the side, pulling up a stitch, then inserting hk, across the top opening skipped sts,pull up a lp and pull through all 3 lps, Sc 7 across, split the last st with the first on the next side, then 14 up the next side.(35 sts) (Note-for larger sizes, use 15 st on the side, split dcrs each corner across top, eith the 7 sc in between the corners, and 15 sts up the final side, for a total of 37 sc.)

32-34--Ch 1, DO NOT TURN. Hdc in ea of the 35 sc sts (35)

35--ch 1 and Reverse SC along top.


Created by Gem--July 2007

Patt updated Jan 12, 2009

If ya have trouble, feel free to e-mail me @ KWGypsy77@gmail

Please do not make and SELL from this pattern, for profit!

If you do, then please, make an additional pair for the local nursing home nearest you! If you TAKE, then at least be generous enough to GIVE BACK! THANKS!

These comfy, one-piece slippers crochet pattern was kindly contributed by designer: GEM. Please contact Gem with any questions you may have about this pattern. MEET GEM



Copyright-Gem Owen 2009. All Rights Reserved.