Easy Turban Hat

Easy Turban Hat
Easy Turban Hat

Crochet Patterns - Easy Turban Hat

Kindly Contributed by: Jo Ann Chapinski

Materials: 4 oz. skein of worsted wool, color of choice; Crochet hook, size 6.

Patterns: The top of cap is worked back and forth, alternatively. I row of dc. and 1 row of ch., but without turning work: always on right side of work, work dc. row from right to left and ch. row from left to right, only inserting hook into thread at back of loop each time.

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Note: Crown of Cap worked with DOUBLE wool. Border of Cap worked with SINGLE wool.

Cast on 15 ch. with double wool.

Row1: 14 dc.

Row 2:14 ch.

Row 3: Unfinished row work only 9 dc.

Row 4: 9 ch.

Row 5 and 6: Rep. 1st and 2nd row.

Row 7 and 8: Rep. rows 3 and 4, but with 12 sts. Instead of 9. Rep. From 1st row.

When there are 47 rows in all, join beg. And end of work. Pull top of cap tight. At lower edge first crochet 2 rounds of ch. Then alternate, 1 row of dc and 1 round of ch until there are 8 rounds.

This is a complete vintage pattern (1949) and there may be terminology used which you do not understand or the instructions may be vague. This is all the information we have for this pattern. We suggest that you obtain a glossary of knitting terms for your personal use.