Plaid afghan crochet pattern

Plaid afghan crochet pattern
Plaid afghan crochet pattern



Crochet Patterns - Plaid Afghan


Size: 44" x 66", plus fringe.

Materials: Coats & Clark's Red Heart Fabulend, 8 4-oz. skeins navy, 3 skeins white, 1 skein each of red and green; 14" knitting needles, 1 pair No. 9. Crochet hook size G.

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Gauge: 4 sts = 1"; 6 rows = 1".

Note: Vertical stripes will be crocheted on after knitting has been completed.

Afghan: Beg at narrow edge, with navy, cast on 164 sts.

Rows 1-6: With navy, work in stockinette st (k 1 row, p 1 row). Drop navy. Tie in white.

Note: Always carry navy loosely along side edge of work.

Row 7: With white, k. Drop white. Tie in green.

Rows 8 and 9: With green, p 1 row, k 1 row. Cut green.

Row 10: With white, p. Cut white.

Rows 11-24: With navy, work in stockinette st. Drop navy. Tie in white.

Rows 25-28: Using red instead of green, repeat rows 7-10. Cut white.

Rows 29-42: With navy, work in stockinette st.

Repeat rows 7-42 for pattern. Work in pat until total length is about 66", end with 6 rows of navy.

Next Row: With navy, bind off first 9 sts, * drop next st off left-hand needle, pull out st on right hand needle to measure 1/2", bind off 10 sts. Repeat from * across. Unravel each. dropped st all the way down to cast-on edge. With navy and darning needle, secure st to cast on

Vertical Stripes: From right side, beg at cast-on edge, with hook attach white to base of first ridge formed by dropped st; holding yarn in back of work, * sl st over loose strand of next row above, repeat from * to top, sl st over st above at top edge. End off.

Attach red to base of same ridge at lower edge, work another line of sl sts close to first line. With white, work another line of sl sts close to 2nd line.

Alternating green and red for center line of stripes, always using white each side, work vertical stripe in each ridge across.

Edging: From right side, with navy and hook, join yarn in any corner st, ch 1, make 3 sc in corner st; being careful to keep work flat, sc evenly around outer edge, making 3 sc in each corner st. Sl st in first sc. End off.

Pin afghan to measurements on a padded surface; cover with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Do not press.

Fringe: Wind yarn around 6" cardboard; cut at one edge to get 12" strands. Using 2 strands tog for each fringe, knot a white fringe at both ends of each vertical white stripe. Matching colors, knot a fringe at both ends of each vertical red and green stripe. Knot a navy fringe in each free sc along same edges, knot fringe along long edges to correspond, working through end sts of rows. Trim fringe evenly.