Bed Socks

Bed Socks
Bed Socks - Free Crochet Pattern

These comfy, cozy bed socks (slippers) are feet friendly and fun to make!  They crochet up quickly and easily and will keep your feet (or a friend’s) warm and toasty on cold winter nights.  These could easily double as slippers and make a quaint home-made gift for a loved one for the holidays.  Make up several pairs and pass them around the office at the gift exchange or stuff them in your stockings on Christmas Eve and listen to the oohs and ahhs as friends and family rave about your adorable creation!

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: American Thread Company worsted floss, 1-1 oz. Ball of yarn, rose or any color desired; 1-1 oz. Ball of white yarn, or any other accent color desired. Crochet Hook # 4/US hook size E


1st Row: With Rose, ch 39 and work 38 sc on ch, ch 1, turn.

2nd Row: With White, 1 s c in each s c picking up back loop of st only, ch 1, turn.

3rd Row: 1 s c in each s c picking up both loops of st, drop White, turn.

4th Row: With Rose, ch 1 and work same as 2nd row.

5th Row: Same as 3rd row, drop Rose.

Repeat the last 4 rows until work measures 8 inches, break yarn.

Fold slipper in half the long way and sew front and back seams, having the ridge side as right side.

Working around top of slipper, attach Rose, ch 4, skip 2 rows, d c in next row, * ch 1, skip 2 rows, d c in next row, repeat from * all around, ch 1, join. (Beading).

Next Round-Sl st into mesh, * ch 3, s c in next mesh, repeat from * all around.

Next Round-Sl st into loop, ch 4, d c in same space, ch 1, d c in same space, * ch 1, s c in next loop, ch 1, 3 d c with ch 1 between each d c in next loop, repeat from * all around, break yarn.

Attach White in s c, * ch 2, skip 1 d c, s c in next ch 1 loop, ch 2, s c in next ch 1 loop, ch 2, s c in next s c, repeat from * all around.

TIES-With White and using a double strand of yarn crochet a ch about 24 inches long. Lace through beading. Finish with 3 pompons sewed to front as illustrated.



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