Bookworm - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Patterns - Bookworm

This cute and clever pattern was kindly contributed by designer Gloria Kamins. Please contact Gloria for questions regarding this pattern.

Materials: Small amount of scrap yarn, color of choice and needle size desired. Larger the needle, larger the bookworm.


Crochet 20 stitches, two double crochets in 4th chain from hook, then three double crochets in each stitch of chain.

You will see it "squiggle" then crochet a chain as long as you would like the bookmark to be, mark it and chain an additional 15 stitches; again two dc in 4the chain from hook and three dc in each of the 15 stitches.

You will then have a head and tail and chain for bookmark in middle. It's really cute if you glue small eyes on either end. Children seem to like them and you can use up odds and ends of yarn.