Knit Patterns - Headband

Materials: 1 ounce 3-ply fingering yarn in main color, 1 ounce 3-ply fingering yarn in contrasting color, 1 pair number 3 standard knitting needles and 10 inches of hat elastic.

Abbreviations: k knit) CC (Contrasting Color) p (purl) tog (together) st (stitch) sl (slip) MC (main color) 0 (yarn over)

Cast on 128 sts MC.

Rows 1,5,7, 15, 17, 19,21,25: K.

Row 2,4,6,8, 10, 12, 20, 22, 24: P.

Row 3: K 1,0, k 2 tog, repeat to end.

Row 9: Change to CC. K.

Row 11: Change to MC. K.

Row 13: Continue MC and begin pattern k, knitting design in second color, always holding color just worked to left and picking up new color from underneath, ending pattern k row.

Row 14: Continue MC, p.

Row 16: Change to (CC). p.

Row 18: Change to MC, p.

Row 23: K 1, 0, k 2 tog. Repeat to end.

Bind off.

Finishing: Fold back on k 1, 0, k 2 tog rows to make scallop edge, sl st to wrong side of band.

Fold back ends 1/2 inch and sl st to wrong side of band to make hems.

Slip elastic through hems, tie and conceal knot. Fasten off ends of hems.