Highland Afghan

Highland Afghan
Highland Afghan Crochet Pattern

Image: courtesy of our friend alisonj from Ravelry.com.

Highland Afghan Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

Materials: You will need (4-ply) Knitting Worsted in the following amounts and suggested colors: 36 one-ounce skeins of black, 24 one ounce skeins of red and 3 one-ounce skeins of yellow. Use a size F plastic crochet hook (same as size 3 or 4 plastic hook). Finished size is approximately 65 x 71 inches, not including fringe.

Abbreviations: ch (chain) sp (space) dc (double crochet) st (stitch) sk (skip)

Gauge: 2 1/4 sps equal 1 inch; 2 1/2 rows equal 1 inch



With black Ch 294 sts, turn.

Row 1: Dc in 6th ch st from hook, * ch 1, sk 1 ch st, dc in next ch st, repeat from * across, ch 4, turn. There are 145 sps.

Row 2: Sk dc at base of turning ch, * dc in next dc, ch 1, repeat from * across, end with sk 1 st of turning ch, dc in next ch st, ch 4, turn. Repeat row 2 five more times, then omit turning ch, drop black and join yellow.

Next row: Ch 4, turn, work across in pattern. Fasten off yellow.

Next row: Pick up black, ch 4, turn, work across in pattern, ch 4, turn. Continue working in pattern with black for 6 more rows. Fasten off.

Join scarlet red and work in pattern for 3 rows, omit turning ch on last row. Drop scarlet, join black and work 1 row across. Fasten off. Continue to make 3 rows of scarlet separated by 1 row of black until there are 4 scarlet strips and 3 single black rows. Fasten off scarlet.

Make another black section with single row of yellow stripe as before. Continue alternating black and scarlet sections until 6 black and 5 scarlet sections are completed. Fasten off.

Cut 2 strands of black each 86 inches long. Weave in and out through first row at side of afghan, leaving enough yarn free at each end to make fringe. Cut 2 more strands of black the same length and weave through same row of sps, going under the rows where first 2 strands were on top. Weave black through next 7 rows in same manner. Make 1 row yellow, then 8 black rows. This completes 1 black section. Now make (3 rows scarlet, 1 row black) 3 times, then 3 more scarlet rows. This completes 1 scarlet section. Continue to work in same manner, alternating scarlet and black sections until-all sps have been filled.

Fringe: Pick up first 12 strands and tie knot as close to afghan edge as possible. Continue across picking up every 12 strands and knotting against afghan edge. Complete opposite end to correspond. Trim fringe ends evenly.