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Free Easter Crafts - Browse our wonderful collection of Easter craft projects and ideas for this special holiday. Our unique selections include kids crafts and more challenging ones for adults. Enjoy!

Easter Craft Projects Easy Easter Projects - Kids Advanced Easter Crafts


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Bunny Ring
Crochet a funny Bunny Ring with our free pattern!
Bunny Treat Pouch
Crochet a Bunny Treat Pouch with our new free pattern!
Cherry Blossom Flower
Crochet a Cherry Blossom Flower with the free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me!
Child Bunny Hat
Crochet an adorable bunny hat for your little hopper, for Easter or any time of year!
Child Bunny Slippers
These Bunny Slippers are so cute! And a great project to make for the kids not just at Easter, but any time of year.
Confetti Eggs & Cascarones
  Easter Craft Projects - Confetti Eggs "Cascarones"   This delightful Easter egg project was kindly contributed by: Patri ...
Crochet Easter Egg
Crochet some of your Easter Eggs this year, using our free crochet pattern!
Crochet Flower Bouquet
Crochet a Flower Bouquet with the free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me!
Crochet Flowered Doily
This is a cute and easy Doily. Cute enough for a little girls room! Made from size 10 thread colors - pink and green.
Crochet Lamb Hat
Crochet a Lamb Hat with the free tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me!
Crocheted Easter Bunny
Create a sweet little bunny to attend your Easter baskets this year!
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