Potted Eggs Bouquet

Potted Eggs Bouquet
Potted Eggs Bouquet

Easter Craft Projects - Potted Egg Bouquet

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What You Need: 1-4" diameter terracotta pot; 1 floral bouquet holder with tulle trim (available in wedding section of craft stores); 1 soft bristle paint brush; Ivory white acrylic paint; 4-5 sprigs of glitter eggs on stems from Easter collection; 1 scrap of pastel colored ribbon; 1- Pkg. 3-D Easter foam sticker (optional); small amount of pastel Easter basket grass or Spring Excelsior; glue gun and stick.

What to do:

1.Wash terracotta pot and allow to dry thoroughly. When dried, paint entire exterior and top with Ivory white acrylic paint. Allow to dry thoroughly. May need two coats of paint.

2. Set bouquet holder in pot. Glue bouquet holder to top of pot at 4 sections to secure. Add small amount of basket grass or excelsior to fill cone of holder.

3. Clip egg sprig wires to fit in pot at slightly different lengths. Slip wires through opening in bottom of bouquet holder and arrange in pot as a bouquet. Trim 1 or two eggs with small ribbon tied on wire at base of eggs.

4. Arrange stickers as desired on exterior of pot. (Stickers are optional).