Easter Name Cards

Easter Name Cards
Easter Name Cards- Cross Stitch Pattern

Easter Craft Project Idea

If you are hosting a family Easter dinner, or Easter tea party, consider creating these creative cross stitched name cards for your gathering.  They will be fun to cross stitch and garner you some oohs and ahhs come dinner time!  Enjoy.

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Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Materials: 2 sheets of 5x6-inch white perforated paper (available in crafts shops); DMC embroidery floss in colors shown in color key below; Graph paper; colored pencils and straightedge razor blade.

Instructions: To make stitching easier, chart the designs, (below) onto graph paper. Use colored pencils and refer to the photograph as necessary to complete each design.

To stitch each card, first mark the center of the perforated paper piece with vertical and horizontal basting stitches. Count over to the desired stitching position and follow the chart to cross-stitch the design. Using two strands of embroidery floss, stitch over one space of the paper.

On the bunny card, extend the lowest row of cross-stitches to two squares from each side edge.

Solid lines on patterns indicate areas to outline. Using one strand of floss, work in backstitches.

On the bunny card, outline the bunny in black, the rose in medium pink, and the leaves in light green. Using two strands of light green, backstitch the flower stem.

On the Easter basket card, outline the eggs and tulip with black, the basket with medium brown, and the leaf with light green.

To personalize the cards, use backstitches and the alphabet provided below. Stitch the name, in the center, using two strands of floss.

To finish the cards, cut the top portion of the card (use a razor blade) on the line shown on the pattern. Fold the paper at the exact spot where the cutting ends, being careful not to tear beyond the cut. Trim away excess paper.

1 square = 1"


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