Bunny In A Basket

Bunny In A Basket
Bunny In A Basket

Easter Craft Projects - Bunny in a Basket

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What You Need: 1- miniature woven basket with lid; 1Pkg. 3-D Easter collection stickers; small amount of pastel basket grass or excelsior; 1- Easter Bunny in egg (sold on stems at craft stores); Glue.

What To Do:

1. Open lid and use stickers on inside of lid as shown or as desired.

2. Fill basket with small amount of pastel Easter grass or excelsior.

3. Create a small pocket in grass for egg to sit and place bunny egg in basket.

4. Arrange remaining stickers as desired on front of basket as shown.

5.Use small amount of glue to tack lid of basket to handle as shown (to keep lid open).