Ballerina Bunny Doll craft project

Ballerina Bunny Doll craft project
Ballerina Bunny Doll craft project


Easter Craft Projects - Ballerina Bunny


Copyright ©Gail Kellison. All Rights Reserved

This darling little ballerina bunny doll pattern was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Gail Kellison of Gail's Stitch N' Splinter Patterns.


  • 1 yd. white cotton
  • 3 white pom poms (size 1")
  • 1 pink pom pom (size 1")
  • 1 white chenille stem (12" long)
  • 30" lace - 1" wide, gathered at the center
  • nylon net - 2 pieces -one 4" x 24" and one 1" x 6"
  • 2" wide floral lace - 12" long
  • 1/8" wide ribbon - 2 pieces 12" long and another 12" piece to make small bows
  • several tiny flowers
  • fiber fill
  • brown permanent ink pen
  • blue permanent ink pen
  • black permanent ink pen
  • round toothpick
  • white acrylic paint
  • acrylic paint for shoes
  • tacky glue
  • fabric glue (I prefer Beacon's Fabric Tac)
  • heavy craft thread
  • 3" (or longer) doll needle
  • real facial blush
  • needle and regular sewing thread
  • freezer paper

Click on Links Below for Pattern Pieces

Head  Arms & Legs 


Pattern, sewing, and cutting: After copying the pattern from the web site, cut out the pattern pieces. Draw the head, arms, body, and legs onto the non-waxed side of a piece of freezer paper. Draw the arms and legs on the freezer paper twice because you will need to make two sets of arms and two sets of legs. Cut out the pattern pieces.

Fold the piece of white cotton in half having the right side of the fabric together. Place the waxed side of each pattern piece on the wrong side of the cotton. Leave at least  2" between the pieces to allow for cutting them out. Press the pattern pieces onto the cotton with a warm iron. (I pin the corners of the cotton together so it will stay in place for me).

Draw around each pattern piece using a colored pencil (a very light color). This is your stitching line. Remove the paper. Be sure to leave the openings as shown on each pattern piece so you will be able to turn everything right side out. Sew around each pattern using a very small machine stitch. Cut each piece from the fabric leaving a 1" seam allowance or less. (Hint: if you use pinking shears and cut close to the seam, you don't have to clip any of the curves). Turn everything right side out.

Ears: Pin the ear pattern to 3 thicknesses of cotton and cut out. Zig zag chenille stem to the center of one ear (Fig. 5). If you can not do this on your sewing machine, you can do it with a needle and thread. Turn each end of the stem back to make a round end. You don't want any sharp ends at the points of the ears.

Place the two remaining ear pieces on top of each other having right sides facing. Place the ear piece with the chenille stem on top of the two ear pieces. Stitch the 3 pieces together allowing a 1" seam allowance and leaving open the area where the pattern indicates. Turn the ears right side out. Turn in the seam allowance at the opening and hand stitch to close. Press around the edges of the ears.

Facial Features: Transfer the facial features to one side of the head using dressmaker's carbon or used graphite paper (used graphite paper does not leave dark lines).

Assembling the body: Stuff the body parts. Turn in the seam allowance and hand stitch to close the openings on the arms and legs (Do NOT close the opening in the BODY yet). Turn under the neck edge of the head 1" and place it on the top of the body. Be sure the face is toward the front of the body. Pin the head in place and hand stitch the neck to the body. Remove the pins.

Cut approx. 24" of craft thread and thread the doll maker's needle. Knot one end of the thread. Insert the needle into the opening at the back of the body and exit on one side of the lower part of the body at the "x". Making certain to have the foot toward the front of the body, insert the needle on the inside of the upper leg at the "x". Exit the needle on the outside of the upper leg (at the "x"). Make a small stitch and go back through the leg and the body coming out on the other side of the lower body at the "x". Attach the other leg the same way you did the first one. Pull the thread tight. Insert the needle back into the second leg and back through the body. Exit out the first leg at the "x". Pull the thread tight. Repeat this process 4 times. Tie off by inserting the needle under the stitches on the first leg and making a knot. Clip the thread close to the knot. Fig.1 and Fig. 1a

Attach the arms the same way, using the "x"'s at the top part of the body. Be certain to have the hands facing toward the front of the body. Fig. 2 and Fig. 2a. When the arms and legs are attached, fold the seam allowance on the back of the body to the inside, and hand stitch to close the back opening.Glue a white pom pom tail on the back of the body where shown on the pattern. (I prefer to use Beacon's Fabric Tac).

Paint a shoe on each foot using acrylic paint. Let dry.

Attaching the ears: Run a gathering stitch from one side to the other along the fold line at the center of the ears. Pull the gathering line tight and tie off. Tack the gathered center of the ears to the center top of the head on the seam line.

The Face: Squeeze a small amount of white glue out on a napkin or paper plate. Add a drop or two of water to thin. Using a paint brush (or your finger tip), spread a thin layer of the glue over the front part of the head (the face). Let dry thoroughly (a blow dryer will speed up the process). This is done to keep the pens from bleeding all over the fabric when you are drawing the face.

When the face is thoroughly dry, outline the eyes with a brown permanent ink pen. Also draw the eyelashes and the eyebrows with the brown pen. Use a light blue pen to color the eye. Then use a black pen to do the center of the eye. Use white acrylic paint and the pointed end of a round toothpick to make the highlights in each eye. Let dry. Blush the cheeks with facial blush.

Glue two white pom poms to the face. The pattern shows the placement. Glue the pink pom pom to the face where it is shown on the pattern. (Again, I prefer to use Beacon's Fabric Tac).

Tutu: This is a very, very simple costume. You can always make something more elaborate if you want to. Cut a piece of lace 17" inches long. Fold the lace in half lengthwise along the gathering at the center, wrong sides facing. Machine stitch or hand stitch the full length of the lace approx. 1/8" from the fold. Cut the lace in half. Each piece will be 8" long.

Using Figures 3, 3a, and 3b as a guide, first tack one length of the folded lace on the back of the body at one side of the tail (the fold toward the tail). Bring the lace down between the legs and up the front of the body and over the shoulder. Tack the lace on the opposite side of the tail from where you started. Cut off any excess lace.

With the other piece of lace, start on the other side of the tail and go down between the legs, up the front and down the back. The lace will criss-cross on the back of the body. Tack or glue the lace to the body in several places to hold it securely.

Using a piece of gathered lace 5" long (do not fold this piece in half - use it open), tack one end under the tail. Go between the legs with it and up the center front of the body (The lace should be about 1" from the neck. If you have too much lace, cut off the extra.) Fold under the end and tack or glue it to the body.

Cut a piece of nylon net 4" by 24". Fold the net in half lengthwise so it measures 2" x 24". Run a gathering line along the folded edge. Place the net around the bunny's waist and pull the gathering thread tight. Tie off.

Cut a piece of 2" wide floral gathered lace 12" long. Run a gathering line around the bound edge. Place the lace around the bunny's waist and pull the gathering tight. Tie off. Hand stitch the center back seam together.

Shoe Ties: Cut 12" of 1/8"wide ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half. Tack or glue the fold to the back of the shoe edge. Criss-cross in front of legs twice and tie in a bow on the front side of the leg. Trim the ties to about 1".

Head Piece: Cut 6" of the center gathered lace. Fold it in half lengthwise. Run a gathering stitch along the fold. Pull the gathering tight, tie the ends of the gathering thread together to make the lace into a circle and tie off. Glue the lace circle to the top of the head at the center of the ears. The ends of the lace at the back.

Cut a piece of nylon net 1"x 6". Fold in half lengthwise and finish it the way you did the center gathered lace. Glue it on top of the lace at the center of the ears. Glue tiny flowers at the center of the net. Make a small ribbon bow and glue it at the front of the net.

Finish by adding some tiny flowers and a small ribbon bow at the waist of the tutu. Also glue a tiny flower on the toe of each shoe.